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Protect Your Business with Advanced IT Security Services

With the exponential pace of change in IT, it makes more sense than ever before to use managed IT end-user services.

Through taking a holistic approach to your IT environment, we will apply our deep expertise across the full IT spectrum to improve system availability and performance.

We are your IT service desk, your network operations team, your cloud operations team, your tech support – whatever IT support services you need to keep your business running at its peak, our managed IT end-user services are a cost-effective and secure way of growing and improving your business without hiring new staff.

Why choose Sysnet Infocom ?

Sysnet Infocom is your trusted partner for Managed IT End-User Services. So much more than just a service desk, Sysnet Infocom is one of the few IT management Service Providers that offers the flexibility of on-site and remote support. Whatever you need, our dedicated team becomes a true extension of your business.



Our IT Services offering is completely tailor-able to meet you and your organisation’s individual needs. This goes for service levels, service management, the amount of on-site support needed, all the way through to commercials – you can pick the amount of support you need in each area so that you get what you need.


No matter which of our Managed IT Services you utilise, security is central and baked-into it. We offer Vulnerability Assessments to all  customers to establish their security footing and highlight the areas that are a risk or need further reviewing. We’ll even help you to fix them, offering industry-leading strategic consultancy, project, and monitoring services to make your organisation impregnable.


Our IT support team gets to know your business inside-out to provide you with the fastest and most effective response to your needs. Our team work with you directly to improve your IT environment and whose remuneration levels depend on your satisfaction.


Meeting minutes, tickets, and strategic documents are all available for you to view at any time and in real-time. Through our Self-Service Portal, you can see what’s happening, how we’re performing, and make changes to the services that we’re delivering at the click of a button; including: active and closed tickets, a complete view of your CMDB and hardware asset library


Our Managed IT Services are infinitely scalable so that, no matter the size of your organisation and what you’re trying to achieve, we can support you with it. This includes evolving our offering to meet your changing needs so that, should you need to scale, accelerate growth, or start something new we can be your spark, porter, or catalyst


Sysnet Infocom has experience across the entire IT and communications environment, working with a wide range of organisations to provide specialist and strategic support. Plus, we reward our staff when they attain new tech certifications – it’s a great way to ensure that our collective team holds the most current knowledge on the market.

Tech is an asset, NOT a liability

Many companies see technology as a necessary evil. They know they have to use IT, because, well, that’s just the way the world is.

Sadly, this mindset leads them to view their systems as liabilities to be mitigated against.

But the true trailblazers understand that tech can, and in fact, should, be viewed as an asset.

Tools that can be used to drive efficiencies, improve performance and increase effectiveness, and therefore drive up profits.

The simple fact is that companies that fully embrace the right IT systems can perform up to 30% more efficiently than those that don’t.

And they are exactly the sort of clients we work with day in, day out.

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How can our IT Security Consultants help?

Sysnet Infocom experienced and skilled team of certified cyber security consultants offer a range of consulting services which can help your business understand your current security posture and take the necessary steps to ensure the most appropriate security measures to manage those IT security risks.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
This risk assessment process will enable you to –
  • Identify security risks within your organisation.
  • Determine your risk remediation strategy.
  • Track progress of the risk remediation actions.
  • Allocate accountability for remediation
  • Improve your organisational risk posture.

What’s included:

At the start of the process, we review your existing Risk Management Policy and align both our risk assessment methodology and the Risk Register with your policy. Alternatively, we can create a Risk Register which aligns with ISO 27005, ISO 31000 & NIST SP 800-30 risk management standards. The end result is a comprehensive Risk Register, detailing the vulnerability, risk, impact including worst-case assessment, actions, ownership and resolution dates across your business.

Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment
No industry sector is immune from attack, which is why it’s imperative you consider a vulnerability assessment. Undertaken regularly, this process identifies, quantifies and prioritises the vulnerabilities in your system, application or network component, and can be used to demonstrate security compliance
by your organisation.

Quarterly vulnerability assessments are a requirement for obtaining and maintaining PCI DSS Compliance certification – a basic precondition for companies accepting credit and debit payments. A Vulnerability Assessment can also be performed in preparation for a penetration test, in order to identify the weaknesses to be exploited by the test.

What’s included:

  • Scan – Our IT security consultant team can identify vulnerabilities associated with a range of IT assets, including operating systems, network devices, databases and applications.
  • Report – we provide a detailed report outlining each vulnerability, including vulnerable host(s), operating system weaknesses, level of security risk for and our recommendation for remediation.
  • Action – while the Vulnerability Assessment does not itself fix any found vulnerabilities, we can then work with you to take the most appropriate course of action.
Security Awareness Training
Security Awareness Training

People represent one of the biggest risks to your organisation’s security. To ensure high levels of protection, your people need to be regularly informed about their roles and responsibilities with regards to security. Our skilled IT security consulting team can deliver a security training based on your existing security controls, with a specific focus on your security gaps or pain areas. We communicate with your people and get them up to speed on security hygiene and best practices for protecting classified data, using strong passwords, as well as avoiding sophisticated phishing and social engineering attacks. We also provide security presentations to specific staff members, tailored to your needs.


What’s included:

  • A fully customised training program
  • A security awareness training presentation.
  • A follow-up quiz to help measure training effectiveness
  • Training compliance report
Security Governance
Security Governance
A comprehensive Security Governance framework provides the leadership, drive and oversight for implementing and enhancing security within the organisation, by guiding management to make the appropriate resources available to drive information security. This is the foundation to ensure security tasks are performed at planned intervals, incidents are managed effectively and resources remain available to operate the ISMS.


Sysnet Infocomm manage the complete Security Governance process, by: 

  • Establishing your Security Governance structure
  • Identifying membership and formulating your Security Committee
  •  Creating security monitoring documentation
  • Developing Security Metrics and Measurements against your security objectives
  • Conducting Management Reviews to track the effectiveness of your ISMS
  • Develop your Security Calendar document to identify recurring security tasks and actions

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