HP Z4 G4 Workstation

Perfect for engineering, visualization and Machine Learning, HP’s most popular workstation delivers disruptive performance for a wide spectrum of applications. With a choice of Intel® Xeon® or Core™ X processors, and support for dual extreme graphics, you get all you need, nothing more.

• HP 750W APJ Chassis
• Windows 10 Pro 64 Workstations SING
• Operating System Load to SATA/SAS
• HP Z4 Std CPU Cooling Solution
• Intel Xeon W-2223 3.6GHz 4C 120W CPU
• 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2933 ECC RAM
• No Integrated GFX (does not comes with integrated graphic card)
• 512G 2.5in SATA SSD
• USB Business Slim Wired Keyboard SING
• HP USB Optical Mouse
• 9.5mm DVD-Writer 1st ODD
• HP Remote Graphics SW (RGS) for Z
• No Adapters Needed
• Base FIO 4xUSB3 Type A
• HP 3/3/3 Warranty SING (333 24×7 Response 2 Business Day Call To Repair + Helpdesk)

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